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Sunplus SPCA561 Webcam

Sunplus SPCA561 Based Webcams

If you have a webcam which reads as

ICatch VI USB Webcam

or says


on it, chances are that it uses a SunPlus chipset. Actually, if you bought any cheap webcam from pretty much and name or brand, it most likely has one of these (SPCA5xx) chips on it. Most cheap webcams are from companies that don’t even have a website so finding a suitable driver can be a challange. So incase you can’t find proper drivers for them, you have two options. Either be lucky enough that Windows Update works/detect them or you can download them from here!

These drivers are version and the actual driver file is dated November 2004. If you have an earlier driver version installed I encourage you to upgrade as earlier drivers have a lot of problems. For example these drivers fix the problem with the Jaguar cameras’ hue shifting to green at powerup. Currently they only work for the Jaguar brand cams, but can probably be inf modded to work with every SPCA5xx brand camera.

SPCA561 Drivers v1.0.7.8 (Supported OS: WinXP)

For a list of SPCA based webcams, see the Linux webcam kernel driver page.

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